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2014 Monthly Youth Schedule

Date Location Activity Comment FRCC Contact Driver Coordinator
January 18 Apex Rec Center Swimming None Art Kathy
February 15 Elitch Lanes Bowling None Jody Mike
February 23 Maggianos South FRCC Appreciation Dinner 5PM Free to Members, guests are $25. RSVP Appreciation Dinner Gaye N/A
March 9 Carson Nature Center 10AM Adult Ride Strong Juniors please join Paul N/A
March 15 Apex Rec Center Swimming, Basketball N/A Fred and Tim Kathy
March 29 Bike Maintenance Trailer 4400 South Clay Possible adult and junior ride before maintenace. Stay tuned! Gaye and Tim N/A
April 12 Grennwood Village Bike Trails Biking No Permit Required Gaye Kathy
May 10 Waterton Canyon Biking Permit Required Phil and Jason Mike
June 14 Lions Park Golden Biking Check Fire Bans in Effect Tim Simone
July 12 DeKoevend Park, Littleton Biking Check Fire Bans in Effect. Conflict with Triple By Pass. Girv Simone
August 2 Bannock Street Street Set Up for Bannock Criterium None Jim or Gaye Gaye
August 3 Bannock Street Bannock Street Criterium None Sharon Mike
September 13 Frisco Biking First Aid Kits Bryce and Isabel Simone
October 11 Greenwood Village Biking Park Truck away from TrailHead Jason Mike
October 18 Velo Swap Denver None Paul N/A
October 25 Fred's Annual Birthday Ride Aspen Grove 9AM Adult Ride/Stronger Juniors Gaye N/A
November 8 Invesco or Pepsi Center, Zoo End of Year Party None Gaye and Tim Kathy

2014 Appreciation Dinner

February 23rd Maggianos South 5PM Free to Members, guests are $25. RSVP Appreciation Dinner

2014 Board Meetings

*1st Quarter - January 21

*2nd Quarter - May20

*3rd Quarter - August 19

*4th Quarter - November 18

2014 Adult Rides/Events

We encourage everyone to participate in these rides, which are lots of fun and a great way to meet other members of the club!!!!

* Wednesday evenings (April through September), 5:30 p.m.

Location: Various Locations - please check with Gaye or Tim Crossen for details.

Ready to roll by 5:45pm - route determined by the group.

* Saturday mornings, 9:30 a.m., except when youth events or other events are scheduled.

Location: Bicycle Village - 2802 South Havana St., Aurora, CO 80114, 303-750-1064.

We start the ride on the Cherry Creek Bike Path, which is just a couple blocks away, and ride to Cherry Creek State Park. Once in the park, there are many different options for a ride! If the weather is bad, we set up the bikes in the spin room at the shop and do an indoor workout. The shop opens at 9 a.m. on Saturdays so you can always pick up last minute items before the ride.