Q: Race Fees – are all race entrance fees covered by the club, or does it depend? If parents cover the fees, what is the typical cost?

A: Race Fees vary per race from $0 – $10 for online registration and it usually increases by $10 if you register the day of the event ($10 – $20).  Sometimes the juniors decide to race in adult categories for experience and that range is $25-$45.  Again, with adult categories it is always more cost effective to register online before the race.  FRCC works with race promoters to get complimentary entries for junior races and get them for the majority of the races. FRCC has a very small budget to help subsidize race fees for that that need assistance.

Q: Spring training – Does the weekly indoor training continue after the team can start riding outside?

A: Indoor Trainings are Monday at 5pm from January to the end of March and then we move outside.  We would have a midweek training late afternoon/early evening with coaches outside and usually a bike ride on weekends.   During the summer, we might do some weekday trainings with coaches during the day for kids that can make it.  We realize parents probably could not make those trainings.

Q: BRAC, USAC licenses: do the parents take care of this or does the club do it for each individual?

A:  Racers are required to have licenses from the national (USA Cycling) and the location (Bicycle Racing Association of Colorado – BRAC).  Parents would complete the process for their youth although FRCC can help navigate the system if there are issues.  There is the option for folks to purchase1 day licenses but it is more cost effective for juniors to get the licenses.

Q: What is the “season?”

A:  The Road Season is January thru August and the fee structure covers that time period. We have only 1 team member racing cyclocross at this time however if there is increased serious interest (5+ racers) we will consider extending the contract for Inspired Training and there would be additional fees.    If there is no interest in cyclocross the Team will continue to organize rides throughout the Fall & Winter as weather allows. Please note that there will always be discounts for FRCC members at Inspired Training from August to December but no organized classes like we are having now.

Q: Bike Camp – is the annual bike camp sponsored by Front Rangers Cycling Club

A: No, there are 3 bike camps organized by Tri Velo Series that many of the Front Rangers attend but it is a separate organization.

Q: Race or Ride– do you have to race?

A: No, there are members of the team that will not be racing but will be participating in the training and weekly rides.

Q: Bikes– does the team provide bikes?

A:  We do have bikes available for team members that need bikes.   Borrowed bikes must be maintained by the junior/family that borrow it and return it immediately after leaving the team

Q: Can parents participate in trainings?

A: Yes.  Juniors get priority for coach’s time and for the indoor training.   For the indoor training, juniors have until end of day Saturday to sign up after that the parents and adult members of the team can sign up to participate in the Monday training.  There are 16 bike set-ups.  We do encourage parents to come for the outdoor rides.

Q: Can parents watch trainings?

A: Of course, but we do have the Plexi Glass Rule in effect.  Just like a youth hockey practice, parents stay behind the plexi glass and do not go on the ice, parents at indoor training should not be interacting with their child during training and never go up on the platforms.  Training is over AFTER stretch and when the coaches say it is over.   We ask that parents be respectful of this rule.   And there is no real Plexi glass – it is just a description to help illustrate the rule!

Q: Are team members require to wear the team kit?

A:  If the team member is going to race they will be required to wear the team kit.   If the team member is not going to race they are required but encouraged to have a team jersey for team rides and outreach events.   FRCC does provide financial assistance or payment plans for team members that need it.

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