The primary focus of the club is to engage youth members ages 6 to 18 through monthly bicycle rides, or other seasonal appropriate activities.  MONTHLY RIDES These are the core of our program. Adult members have one-on-one contact with youth participants through group events, replacing the lure of gang activity & drug use prevalent in many neighborhoods.  Adults are able to model and teach responsible cycling skills, and encourage kids to expand beyond their limits. INCENTIVE PROGRAM Incentives are provided to youth participants to encourage participation, commitment, and camaraderie. Team uniforms, helmets, T-shirts, bicycles, trips to local races, etc are earned participation in the Club.  The club also offers an annual academic scholarship for advanced education.  CONTINUED INVOLVEMENT Many of the original youth members are still active in the Club and have progressed to accomplished cyclists.  We find it very rewarding that these now ‘adult’ members find benefit in giving back to the next generation of youth.

LOCAL EXPOSURE Cycling jerseys bear the logos of Front Rangers, the Denver Police Department, and associated Club sponsors.

Please check the drop-down menus for further information on our programs.

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