Saturday June 10 Outreach Information

Meeting Location:  Sun Valley Youth Center

1230 Decatur St, Denver, CO  80204  – Click on address for map (do not park in the parking lot – please park on the street)

We will not be going to Golden but instead are going to to go all the Platte River Trail to the Sanderson Gulch trail, ending up at the White Fence Farm for a picnic of chicken and all the fixings!   We will travel back past Barnum Water ParkIt a total of 14 miles.  Any youth that we think may not make it  can catch a ride from the White Fence Farm

  • Volunteers need to be onsite ready to meet at 9:00am.
  • DO NOT PARK IN THE PARKING LOT – PARK ON THE STREET.   We use the parking lot for staging and cars complicate the process and makes it more dangerous.  NO CARS – NOT EVEN POLICE CARS – IN THE PARKING LOT
  • Anyone that will be on a bike acting as a ride leader will need to meet to review the route including the Denver Police Department.  It is critical that you understand the route and the process.
  • Following the meeting we will pull bikes from the shed and inside and hang on bike ride.
    • ABC Checks please!  We do not want kids out on the road getting flat tires.   We have tubes, basic tools, a few tires, some seats to repair.  There are 2 bike racks that can be set up.
  • Younger Front Rangers and Non Riders will
    • Set up breakfast
    • Fill and bring out water bottles from the kitchen inside
    • Pull the new helmets from the inside  – we need to leave some for the Police from Police to take back to Sgt Carla at DPD – District 1
    • Set up youth t-shirts
  • When Kids arrive – it is important that everyone has a task – I don’t want groups of adults talking to each other. I want to see kids going through the process
    • Bike Lending Station:  Assign a bike – make sure that they #of the bike is captured with the name of who has it.  No -they cannot keep the bike.
    • Have their own bike:  ABC Check
    • Helmets
      • New helmets are for those that do not have helmets.
      • There are helmet stickers – let get them on the helmets – if there are not helmet stickers – please put their name inside the helmet
      • Check helmets that they own – anyone that looks shaky – any cracks, etc  needs to be thrown away and given a new helmet
    • Tshirts
      • All SVYC  youth will be given a Front Ranger T-shirt.   Please print them name on the sleeve with permanent marker.  Instruct them that they have to wear it on all bike rides
      • Please put all shirts they take off in a box with their name on it so we can give them back at the end of the ride.
      • Only SVYC will be given tshirts.  This is not a treat – this is so we can identify them on the ride
    • Name Tags  – Everyone needs a name tag.
    • Water Bottles – every kid should have a water bottle – please label it.  IF the bike has a water cage they kid should travel with the water bottle.  If not, the water bottle will go on the ATV
    • Skirt Bag  – some of the girls wear long skirts and hijabs. They will ride in their leggings provided they have something to cover up a bit.   In the red bag there are a bunch of shorter skirts that they can BORROW.  There are also bags for them to put their skirts in and then put in the red bag.   The red bag will travel in the ATV.
  • The Ride
    • We will break into groups.  Ride Leaders are responsible for the kids in their group.
    • The ATV will leave first with everyone behind it however we will have groups go ahead of the ATV per Miss Dee’s direction.
    • Keep your phone on and available.  If support is needed call Miss Dee and a vehicle will be sent.
  • Before departure make sure the ATV has the follow
    • First Aid Kit
    • 2 -5 gallon water jugs – completely full  – 1 with water and 1 with Nuun Lemonade made
    • Cooler of Snacks, Cups, Trash Bags
    • Bike Pump

We need to keep the kids safe and make sure they have fun!

I believe that the list of people attending are:

  • Group 1: Coach Drew and lovely Maddie
  • Group 2: Gabe Bershenyi
  • Group 3: Andy Leach(please bring the road bikes and not the specialized mtn bikes so we don’t get them confused!)
  • Group 4: Quinn Yates & Jackson Leach
  • Group 5: Jamie Morgan & Layton Leach
  • Roamer: Kris Rollerson from SVYC
  • 1 Denver Police Officer on bike with each group
  • 1 DPD ATV – Miss Dee goes on ATV
  • 1 DPD SUV  – Krista Karlson travels in SUV
  • 2 DPD Electric Motorcycles

When we return from the ride, we need to all take time to clean up, return the bikes to the shed, collect helmets that are left around, collect water bottles. Then go home and collapse!

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June 10th Outreach Ride Information